What Sets Us Apart

Lifetimes of Healthy, Beautiful Smiles for Your Family!

For 45 years, Miller Trunk Family Dentistry has served our friends and neighbors, and treated each patient as a member of our family.

For Dr. Brian McDonald, Dr. Jeff Johnson, and our team, dentistry is a means of helping our community. We want all the best for you and your loved ones, with a bright and healthy smile leading the way!

Our Approach to Dentistry

Since we opened our doors, we have adhered to a philosophy of patient-focused care. In placing your individual goals, concerns, and needs at the forefront of all we do, we design every visit and each procedure around you. This ensures you achieve what you desire, in a comfortable, efficient manner, always knowing we have your best interests at heart.

Why Choose Miller Trunk Family Dentistry?

  • We are local: Our doctors both grew up here and they and our staff are your neighbors. You’ll see us out in the community, shopping or attending local events, cheering on our kids at their games, and supporting many local activities.
  • We are stable: Our doctors and team members are committed to the practice, the level of care we deliver, and the relationships we build with you. You will see the same familiar, friendly people at your visits and we’ll look forward to hearing what’s happening in your family’s lives.
  • We are family-friendly: We are honored to care for everyone in the family, from great-grandparents down through the newest little ones. Each person is treated gently, and provided age-appropriate care and education.
  • We are ethical: We will never recommend a treatment or product we wouldn’t choose for our family, and we will never pressure you into a specific procedure. Instead, we present all treatment options, explain how each works, as well as the pros and cons, and answer your questions. It is essential for you to decide on the care approach that’s right for you, and that starts with making informed decisions.

Schedule a Visit

Miller Trunk Family Dentistry offers two locations for your convenience, in Hermantown and Proctor, MN. Please contact us to learn more about the patient-centered, family-friendly dental care we offer and schedule a visit for yourself or a loved one.

We all look forward to welcoming you and your family to our office: together, we’ll achieve a lifetime of your most beautifully healthy smiles! Call today!